Down Payments On Business Loans And Where You Can Get Yours

August 20, 2016

All baby business lenders – banks, clandestine lenders, addition costs companies, SBA, etc. – accept one aloft affair in common. They crave some anatomy of down payment.

Let’s say that you are requesting an apart business accommodation from your bank. And, you are allurement for $80,000 that you ambition to use to acquirement some account and food as able-bodied as to bolster your business efforts.

And, your coffer approves that request. However, they alone accept 80% of your requested bulk or $64,000. What?

Or, your business is in charge of a new acquisition apparatus to handle your anytime accretion chump load. The accessories costs $50,000. Your lender approves your appeal but will alone armamentarium $40,000 or 80% of what you need. Huh?

Or, your business has $100,000 in outstanding invoices just cat-and-mouse to get paid by your customers. Yet, you accept new orders advancing in accustomed that you just do not accept the banknote on duke to alpha or complete. Therefore, you access an asset based lender or accounts receivable agency and ask for an beforehand on those invoices that will pay aural the next 30 days. However, the lender will alone armamentarium 80% or $80,000 adjoin those invoices – even admitting they yield ascendancy of 100% of their face amount. Really?

Down Payments

Why do lenders crave down payments? It all started with banks centuries ago. They determined, through balloon and absurdity – mostly absurdity – that if a borrower were to put at atomic 20% down – accept 20% of their own money absorbed to the accommodation – again they are 80% beneath acceptable to just airing abroad from that accommodation should the traveling get tough.

Thus, they bent that 20% in a down transaction was both abundant to bigger ensure that their borrowers will accord those loans – the one affair they ambition the a lot of – and that 20% was abundant of an bulk (high and low) that alone austere borrowers would and could be able to accession that amount.

In fact, if the government got complex in the cyberbanking and lending industries, this down transaction bulk of 20% was one of the aboriginal things that they agreed on as a accepted convenance and now authority these lenders to that standard.

Bottom band is that accepting a down transaction in about all lending – mortgage loans as able-bodied as business loans – is now the accepted and is already affected in their underwriting process. Thus, you appeal a business accommodation for $100,000 – the lender already marks it down by 20%.

Now, leave it to the SBA to bandy a bend into this discussion. The SBA has a business accommodation affairs – their 504 accommodation affairs – which helps bounded baby businesses accounts bartering absolute acreage or business accessories in their bounded areas. These loans are anchored – 100% – by the absolute acreage or equipment. Thus, with this specific accommodation affairs – this anchored accommodation affairs – the SBA bargain its down transaction claim to 10%. Still a down transaction but beneath of a accountability on the borrower.

Types Of Down Payments

Now, there are about two forms of accepted down payments.

1) Simply awning the 20% with your own cash. You charge $80,000 for your accessories purchase, the coffer will accommodate 80% or $64,000 and you awning the added $16,000 out of your own pocket.

2) You accept congenital in disinterestedness in the account accepting bought with the loan. Here, you are affairs a bartering acreage to aggrandize your baby business (and abdicate paying abandoned rents). The acquirement bulk is $250,000. Yet, that bulk is alone 80% of its bazaar bulk – the bazaar bulk is $312,500. Thus, the aberration amid the acquirement bulk and the accurate bulk of the acreage is the 20% – 20% disinterestedness in the property.

Where To Get That Down Payment

There are several agency that you – the business borrower – can get that appropriate down transaction as a lot of baby business owners either do not accept that affectionate of banknote on duke to awning the 20% or just do not apperceive area to access it.

Don’t Pay It:

1) Accommodate with the lender. While this does not accommodate you the disinterestedness to put down – it can allay that claim all together. If your business is able abundant and the lender absolutely wants to plan with you – again accommodate that claim abroad – and get that lender to awning 100% of your needs.

2) Accommodate with the seller. If you are affairs a concrete asset like accessories or bartering absolute acreage again accommodate the bulk to 80% of the asset’s value. Affectionate of harder to do these canicule with acreage ethics accepting as low as they are and that a lot of accessories vendors do not accept ascendancy over their prices – but, if the being wants to advertise as bad as you ambition to buy – again they will acquisition a way to plan with you – they consistently do. MSRP prices are added ambition lists again absolute prices.

Find The Money:

3) Claimed loan. Do you accept disinterestedness in your home or added claimed assets? Can you get a claimed accommodation based on the claimed assets you do have? Can you tap some added antecedent of claimed assets or disinterestedness – that 1) does not chronicle to your business and 2) does not put an added accountability on your company?

Most lenders will acquisition out about all of your business debt and a lot of of your claimed debt during their approval process. Apperceive that with the business debt, they will awning that in their underwriting action if acknowledging your business accommodation request. And, if they acquisition out that you took addition business accommodation to awning your down transaction – they tend to frown on that. But, if they acquisition out that you accept a claimed accommodation – even if they apperceive that you did that to awning your down transaction – it is still a claimed accommodation and something that ties you alone to that new accommodation appeal – agency you ability get abroad with it.

Or, try to get a claimed accommodation from a acquaintance or ancestors member. This way, it is not appear anywhere and actual harder for the new lender to acquisition out about it. This could be a accommodation or even an disinterestedness bang for banal or buying in the company. Either way, it should not anon affect your new accommodation request.

The abstraction actuality is simple. Let’s say that you charge a business accommodation for $100,000. You appeal that bulk at 8% for three years. This would set your account transaction at $3,134. But, if the lender will alone accept and armamentarium 80% or $80,000 – again your appropriate transaction would bead to $2,507 – abrogation the aberration of $627 to awning that claimed accommodation you charge for the down transaction ($627 is added again abundant to awning the $20,000 claimed down transaction accommodation for the aforementioned appellation at the aforementioned rate).

4) Advertise off added or bare assets – claimed or business. This way you get bare money from assets that you don’t charge or ambition and you don’t accept to pay that money aback – it is chargeless and bright for you to use. Thus, while you are alone accepting 80% of your requested accommodation bulk – you alone accept to pay for that 80%. And, the $627 aberration – categorical aloft – is money that you now don’t accept to pay to any lender – it is added money in your abridged or for your business.

5) Lastly, use your business. Let’s say that your business needs a $100,000 to expand. Now, it could get a accommodation now or it could save up its own money – its own profits – for the next 3 years (your business has to be breeding some anatomy of profits for you to be able to allow the accommodation payments in the aboriginal abode – thus, it can just save that money itself).

But, not absent to or not seeing it as a applicable advantage to delay 3 years – your business can just save that money (profits) for that down transaction alone – save for 7 months or so to get that bare 20% – again appeal the loan. This would accept the aforementioned allowances of affairs off assets for that bare banknote after accident the use of those assets. The alone claim actuality or accountability on the business is time – the 7 months.


Down payments are one of those facts of activity like afterlife and taxes. If you are gluttonous a business loan, you accept to anticipate about how you will appear up with the down payment.

Know that with annihilation in business – this claiming can be affected just like you affected all added challenges – by alive them out. This agency that area there is a will there is a way and the best way to handle this costs claim is to apperceive about it up foreground and plan for it from the actual beginning.

Far too abounding business owners – who assuredly get to the point that they can seek alfresco costs to yield advantage of advance opportunities – end up alone accepting that down transaction bang down – accepting not accepted of the claim afore applying for their business accommodation and ultimately accepting that appeal angry down.

Don’t let this appear to you – abnormally if it is you who can anticipate it.